Migi Parahita | About
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Migi Parahita was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on November, 25th in 1990. Playing and listening to music is one of her hobby since childhood. She started to learn music by playing classical piano since 8 years old and decided to learn classical guitar with Rudy Hamid at 12 years old.


In 2008, she continued her jazz and classical study at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI) on Certification Program, majoring on guitar with Ali Fahrudin, Dion Janapria, and Nikita Dompas until 2010. Then she continuing her musical study at Sjuman School of Music on Professional Program in 2011, majoring on guitar with Nikita Dompas and Johanes Radianto.


Besides her formal study, she also actively participate in many workshops and masterclasses such as Jazz Vocal Workshop by Veronica Nunn, Forum Musik Klasik Kontemporer I by Suka Hardjana, Forum Musik Klasik Kontemporer II by Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Contemporary Music Class by Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Ensemble Workshop by Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Jazz Improvisation Master Class Program by Indra Lesmana, Guitar and Ensemble Workshop at Serambi Jazz by Kai Bruckner, Vocal Workshop by Nya Ina Raseuki or usually called Ubiet, and many more.


Migi pretty much involve as a guitar player in various band, from rock to jazz genre. She also active being a composer, one of her work entitled “Mery dan Leak” was selected as one of the finalist in “Sayembara Komposisi Musik Baru Bedasarkan Musik Nusantara” that organized by Komunitas Salihara in 2011.


And now this time, she is active as a composer for aural and visual art.